Turn Your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Jewelry into Cash through a Gold Buyer You Can Trust

Precious jewelry is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones. Jewelry made of gold, silver, diamond, and platinum don’t lose their value over time. Their value increases instead.

Even so, your precious jewelry may go out of fashion. Or they can break or lose a precious stone. You can also misplace half of a pair of earrings and wearing just one doesn’t make sense anymore. Or a piece of jewelry you used to cherish may simply lose its sentimental value.

If you can’t use your jewelry and it only takes up space in your jewelry box, then why hang on to them when you can get cash for gold and other valuables, cash that you can use for whatever you need.

Ask for an appointment or request for your Alpha Gold Buyers shipping packet today.

Why hang on to your unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry when you can easily convert it to cash? The jewelry pieces that are only taking up space in your jewelry box may be worth more than you paid for today.

Fill up the form for your appointment or your Alpha Gold Buyers shipping packet right now. Get cash for gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelry by selling it to us, and use the profit to buy whatever you want.

We also sell affordable, pre-loved jewelry.

Let’s face it – not everyone can afford top-of-the-line fine jewelry from big names like Tiffany & Co. or Harry Winston. But no one will say no to a gift of fine jewelry, no matter what the price and no matter where it was bought.

If you’re looking for jewelry – a diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be, a watch for your husband on your wedding anniversary, or a bracelet for your child as a graduation present – we offer a wide range of fine, pre-loved jewelry that can fit your budget. Visit our online shop and see what we have.


"Turn Your Jewlery into Cash"

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terms I have read and agree to all Terms and Conditions. I declare, under penalty of perjury, that this information supplied by me is true and correct, I am over 18 years of age, and am the lawful owner of the goods with absolute authority to sell the goods that are the subject of this transaction with Alpha Jewelers.

Alpha Gold Buyers offers the highest payouts for jewelry.

Sell us your jewelry that you no longer use and we promise you the highest possible payouts for your valuables. Alpha Gold Buyers is affiliated with a major gold refinery. This means we can eliminate unnecessary third-party costs and overhead and convert these costs into your profits instead. We will pay top dollar for your gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry, and we can beat any written offer you may get from our competition.

Why should you choose us? Alpha Gold Buyers is a division of Alpha Jewelers, a family-owned and operated business. It is a second-generation business. The bulk of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals, evidence that we build and value relationships based on trust.

We pride ourselves in the personal approach we take in attending to our customers. Our showroom is safe and private. Our staff are discreet, courteous and professional. You can enjoy peace of mind when you sell your jewelry with us.

We make selling your jewelry an easy, hassle-free process.

There are two ways you can sell us your jewelry:

  • You can set an appointment to visit our main showroom in Bergenfield, New Jersey or our office in New York City.
  • You can request an Alpha Gold Buyers packet, which is a prepaid FedEx priority overnight shipping envelope, and ship your jewelry to us, free of charge.

All it takes to get started is to fill up the form you see on our homepage. We will respond to your request no more than 24 hours upon receiving it.

What do we buy?

  • Gold jewelry, coins, antiques, and other items made of gold
  • Silver jewelry, coins, antiques, and other silver items
  • Platinum jewelry and watches
  • Diamond jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings and wedding rings
  • Luxury watches
  • Coins – silver, gold and antiques
  • Gift cards/certificates and store credits

We buy gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry regardless of their age and condition as long as they’re genuine.

We don’t buy:

  • Gold-plated jewelry. For example, items stamped GP (gold plated), RGP (rolled gold plate) or HGE (heavy gold electroplate)
  • Costume jewelry, such as items marked Avon, Monet, Speidel, Swank, and many others
  • Silver-plated items. For example, items stamped with EPNS or items stamped with silver-plated, Rogers Brothers 1847, treble plate, electroplated


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